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Wedding Reception Table Design Ideas

Some wedding table decorations introduce major changes in the appearance of each table at the wedding reception. A trend in California serves as an example of such decorations. California brides who care to follow that trend must talk with a wedding planner about their desire to have large gold bows on the sides of each reception table.

Those bows are created using gold fabric. The gold fabric contrasts with the white table cloth. The gold bows add a decided air of elegance to the reception tables. The simple fabric bows cover the hanging portion of each tablecloth. They beckon the guests to beautifully-draped tables. Not all wedding table decorations require the use of such large items.

Most wedding table decorations involve the use of small but important additions to the layout on each of the reception tables. Some wedding table decorations use the table lighting to create a more romantic atmosphere. Both large and small table decorations can evoke such an atmosphere.

Some future brides decide to have small, boat-shaped crystal candle holders on each reception table. The lighted candles must then burn throughout the reception. Those lighted candles receive the protection offered by tiny, frosted “sails.”

A future bride must plan to have place cards on her reception table. The cards tell the guests where to sit. Attractive place card holders can add to the attractive layout on each reception table.

What sorts of card holders should the future bride expect to find amid the various types of wedding table decorations? She should expect to find silver bells, small wedding cakes and tiny champagne buckets. She might also find an online merchant with small bud vases, vases equipped to hold a standard place card.

The bride who satisfies all the needs of her guests can increase the number of wedding decorations on each reception table. The guests need napkins. The napkin holders can add to the attractiveness of the reception tables. Some brides like to use napkin holders that look like large diamond rings. Other brides prefer to have napkin rings adorned with flowers or silver hearts.

Sometimes a bride wants to add a touch of color to each reception table. She might have faux rose buds or confetti scattered on the tables. She might also decide to decorate the table chairs. Well-draped and properly tied lace, used to hold a single rose, can add a lovely spot of color to each chair back.

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