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Thank You Card Etiquette

Top 5 Rules to Remember with Thank You Card Etiquette

Whether you have received gifts at a party you hosted or during a hospital stay, it is very important to send a thank you card. Thank You cards are a great way to show your appreciation for a gift of any kind. They can also be sent to those who have helped you during a particular event or those who have sent sympathy letters. It is important to understand Thank You card etiquette before you begin sending your messages. Here are the top 5 rules to remember when writing Thank You cards:

1. To Send or Not to Send

Some instances or events require Thank You cards, others do not. It is important to know which are which when thinking of sending a card. If you have recently hosted a bridal or baby shower, you should always send a Thank You to those who brought a present. You should also send a card if you have had a graduation party or been a guest at someone’s home. It is not required to send a card if you were the guest at a dinner party, but it is still often considered a nice gesture. Always remember: even if a Thank You is not required, it is still a wonderful way of showing your appreciation!

2. Send Thank You cards ASAP

One of the most important aspects of Thank You card etiquette is sending your note in a timely manner. The faster you send your card, the more appreciated the recipient will feel. You should be strict with yourself and set a time within a week of receiving a gift to sit down and write your cards. It is easy to put off but will make you feel much better knowing your Thank Yous are in the mail.

3. Specify the Gift in Your Card

When writing a Thank You card, you should always show gratitude for the specific gift that the person has given you. For example, “Thank you so much for the beautiful set of silverware” or “Thank you for your gift of new baby clothes.” This is an extra way of showing the gift-giver that you especially enjoyed the present they gave. If the gift is money, "Thank you for your generous gift" would be appropriate.

4. Pick the Appropriate Stationary

Another important rule to remember when sending Thank You cards is to always pick the correct stationary. For most cards, informal stationary is fine. For weddings, the recipient of gifts should choose fancier cards.

5. Addressing the Card Correctly

When addressing cards, you want to make sure to only include the name of the person who signed the card. If it was only one person, do not include anyone else in the address. If an entire family signed the card, always include each member in your card. Salutation should also be considered. If you are very close with the person, it is okay to use his or her first name. Otherwise, address individuals with Mr., Mrs. or Miss.

Sending personalized photo Thank You cards is a great keepsake for guests to remember your special day. You can have these cards printed ahead of time, usually using a photo from the big event. Another way to personalize your Thank Yous is to have Photo Stamps made. Photo Stamps are real US postage that have your picture on them! Always keep Thank Yous personal from you to your guest. It’s a simple way of letting them know you appreciate them!

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