Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How To Stay Your Wedding Dress Weight

Congratulations on your wedding! We hope it was the most beautiful day of your life and everything you hoped for it to be. And hats off to your success in “Operation Lean Bride”…we’re sure your struggle paid off and you looked fabulous in your white dress. We believe every woman deserves to learn the secret of staying at her wedding dress weight, so read on!

According to Lona Sandon of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, newlyweds often put on 10 pounds right after saying “I do.” It’s hard to sustain your vision-in-white status after weeks and months of restricted eating. Once on honeymoon, it’s party time, with delicious food, drinks, and cakes at the center of your celebrations. And after returning home, you’ve got those new Cuisinarts and blenders to keep you in a food-focused mode.

So what can you do? It’s time to abandon the roller coaster of dieting that takes you from starving to feasting. Instead, here are some tips to help you formulate your own healthy approach to eating that keeps you healthy and looking great for the rest of your life, like so many of our successful clients.

Important Note: When it comes to burning fat, all foods are not created equal. In fact, by incorporating these fat-blasting foods, the pounds will peel off faster than you think.

1. Unsalted nuts- just by eating 3 ounces, you can lose an inch off your waistline per month! Nuts contain a lot of protein and healthy fats, which help eliminate the unhealthy fats.

2. Fish & other seafood- high in protein, low in saturated fat….you stay full up to two hours longer than you’d normally do. Fish and seafood increase leptin levels, a hormone that diminishes those powerful pangs of hunger.

3. Avocado- not only does it contain Omega 3’s, avocado contains Omega 9 fatty acids, which attack your fat reserves for energy, thereby revving your metabolism.

4. Coconut- this helps the liver metabolize up to 30% more fat! The triglycerides and fatty acids keep you fuller longer and also stimulate thyroid activity, thus spiking fat metabolism.

5. Leafy Greens- anything dark green is your friend. They’re loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber—beneficial for digestion—which protect against cancers, cataracts, heart disease, and memory loss.

6. Oats- commonly labeled as a “no-no,” oats is actually a whole grain packed with fiber, making you feel fuller longer. It also lowers cholesterol and decreases fat in the blood.

7. Cayenne- spice is nice! It lowers blood sugar levels, curtails insulin activity to keep your metabolism on fire, and helps you eat less. If you have a love-handle problem, you’ll want to use this quite a bit.

8. Cinnamon- this is both an excellent spice and sugar substitute. In fact, foods with cinnamon metabolize sugar 20 times better than food without cinnamon!
9. Turmeric- used in Indian cooking, this spice is full of beta-carotene, which protects the body from free radical damage that cause aging, decreases the rate at which fat is stored, and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties.

10. Finally, Beware Low-calorie Snacks & Artificial Sweeteners—synthetic fat and sugar substitutes actually pack on pounds!

Article by Michele Risa, Health Consultant, Weight Loss & Anti-Aging Expert, Kundalini Yoga Instructor,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making Out Of Town Guests Feel At Home

Having your family and friends share your wedding day with you is such a special gift. Many guests travel extremely long distances to make sure that they do not miss the nuptials. As the bride and groom, it is up to you to make sure that out of town friends and family feel as if they were at home. There are many special ways to show them how much your appreciate them being there. Here are few ideas on how to make your out of town guests feel special.

Hotel Accommodations

Although most couples can't afford to pay for all their guests' accommodations, you can find out what types of discounts hotels in the area may be offering. If you will be having a large number of out of town guests, some hotels can block off rooms and offer you a discount because they know that the rooms will be filled. Or send your guests information on hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations that are in the vicinity of where the wedding will be taking place. This way guests have a choice of where they would like to stay without having to do all the research.

Welcome Basket

Once guests arrive at their accommodations, have a special welcome basket waiting for them. There are a number of items that you could include in the basket:

- Bottle of wine along with a pair of glasses
- Information about the area
- List of places they can go and visit
- Disposable camera
- Schedule of wedding-related events taking place
- Box of chocolates
- Thank you note appreciating your guests for traveling to your wedding

Take the extra time to make your family and friends feel welcomed.

Rehearsal Dinner and Post Wedding Day Brunch

The rehearsal dinner is primarily for all the people taking part in the wedding. However, more and more couples are including those guests that have traveled some distances to be there for them. By inviting out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner, couples get to spend more time with those that have made an extra effort to be there for them.

Sometimes the day after the wedding, the groom's parents host a brunch for the wedding party. This would be another great opportunity to include those out of town guests and to invite them to come along as well. Not only could you get a couple more great pictures with those family members and friends, but you could talk all about how beautiful the wedding was before jetting off on your honeymoon.

About the author: Amanda Cooper is a contributing writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom, which carries an array of wedding accessories, wedding favours, and candle wedding favours. Amanda is also a writer for other home and travel websites. When Amanda is not writing, she enjoys spending time traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 Reasons for Getting Married in Aruba

Falling in love again, what are you to do? Get out your passport and book a vacation to Aruba! Traveling is always fun and exciting. Getting married while you are traveling is more than just icing on the cake. An Aruba all inclusive wedding will be an unforgettable experience for you and your wedding guests.

The top 10 reasons for getting married in Aruba are:

1. Perfect Resort Settings - Aruba resorts offer a wide range of ceremony options from elegant ballroom to sandy beach. Aruba’s opulent high-rise resorts and casual beachfront low-rise resorts are complemented by the natural beauty of turquoise Caribbean waters, pristine beaches and stunning panoramas.

2. Perfect Weather - Aruba’s residents and visitors are blessed with clear skies, bright sunshine and cooling trade winds practically every day of the year. Sunshine, warm temperatures, cooling trade winds, brilliant sunsets, and a location at southern fringe of the hurricane belt take the worry out of planning your special day.

3. Safety - Feel secure in one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean. You are safe and secure at all times.

4. Perfect Natural Settings - Aruba provides couples with many unique and unforgettable wedding venues, whether its barefoot on the beach, hidden coves, natural bridges or underwater reefs. Touring and exploring Aruba's unique terrain is both fascinating and fun. This small desert island contains vast contrasts including a leeward coast of marshmallow-soft beaches lapped by calm Caribbean waters, a rugged brush-covered desert interior, and a northeast wind-whipped coastline punctuated by inlets and cliffs and beaten by angry surf.

5. Convenient Airlift - With direct air service and hubs at major airports throughout the US, you, your bridal party and guests can easily travel to and from the island. The Queen Beatrix Airport has won international awards for facilities and services and provides pre-clearance of US Immigration and Customs on flights returning to the USA.

6. Conveniences and Comforts - Aruba is a modern island with fabulous shopping, state-of-the-art communications. Shoppers will find an enormous selection of international brand name products and prices that are 10 – 35% lower than those in the United States.

7. Island Hospitality - Aruba’s people are friendly and helpful. Hotel staffs are professional and well-informed. You will be received with warmth and appreciation and handled with care all during your stay.

8. Civil Marriages - Civil marriages are now possible in Aruba, and take place in the Civil Town House.

9. Religious Ceremonies - As long as you plan in advance and submit the necessary documentation, Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian, Methodist, and Jewish religious ceremonies can all be conducted on-island.

10. Wedding Planners - Independent and resort wedding planners provide valuable advice about documentation and legal matters as well as coordination on the ceremony day. Every minute detail about the ceremony and reception can be arranged, from officiator, witnesses, flowers, mementoes, gifts, and wedding certificates, to limousine service, photography and video, rehearsal dinners, wardrobe, and personal attendants - even a butterfly release!

Article submitted by Jennifer Brown, Aruba all inclusive, Aruba resorts

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memorable Music For Your Wedding Day

Impress your guests and make your wedding day even more memorable by choosing a variety of unique music! It's not just your typical DJ turning out the latest hits at wedding receptions anymore. Jazz bands, professional singers and pianists are just a few ways that couples are making their wedding day have that extra special touch. Here are some other wedding day music trends that are becoming increasingly popular.

Ceremony Music

The most important part of any wedding day is the actual ceremony and the exchanging of vows. To further enhance that special moment and the time leading up to that, set the mood with an exquisite instrumental ensemble or even a soloist. A harpist, a flutist, a violinist, or even a small group of musicians would be a beautiful accent to any wedding ceremony as guests begin to enter the venue. Conclude the ceremony with more instrumental selections played by live musicians. Remember that most musicians can play a wide range of music from classical pieces to today's pop songs.

Cocktail Hour Music

The cocktail hour is an ideal time to change up the music from being strictly instrumental to selections that are more upbeat. Depending on your preference of music, a small jazz ensemble may be what you are looking for. Not only does jazz music still carry that touch of class, but it is lively and perfectly sets the mood for the wedding reception to follow. If jazz is not your style, perhaps a singer soloist accompanying a pianist would better suite your needs. Although live musicians aren't inexpensive, the impact of live music truly makes the occasion extra special and makes it worth the cost.

Reception Music

Typically at most wedding receptions, people tend to want to get up and dance the night away. With a mix of slow and fast songs this can easily get people up and celebrating. At most wedding receptions, a DJ is the choice to provide music throughout the night. However, more and more couples are opting for a live band and a DJ. There are many types of bands that specialize in a variety of music such as: country, ethnic music, pop, rock and other genres of music. When the live band needs to take five, the DJ typically steps in to change up the music. Some couples even commemorate their heritages and have Irish Step Dancers or even an Oompah Band make a special appearance during the reception.

As you can see, there are many music choices available to those couples getting married. Having music that fits both the event and your style is important. Make your wedding day extra special by adding unique and special music to your celebration.

About the author: Amanda Cooper is a freelance writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom, which carries a wide variety of wedding accessories, beach wedding favors, and personalized cards. Amanda is also a contributing writer for other wedding and home-related websites. When Amanda is not writing, she enjoys spending time reading.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seven Budget Ideas For Your Home Reception

Some newly-weds struggle to afford a wedding with all the trimmings, or prefer to spend the bulk of their wedding budget on an exotic destination wedding and cut costs on their reception. Others are simply more comfortable with a more intimate home reception. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to entertain your wedding guests at home, here are a few ideas:

1. Leverage friends and family

Your friends and family are probably itching to get involved with your wedding plans and you might be surprised at what they come up with to help with your home reception. Perhaps an uncle has a huge deck that he is willing to let you use or maybe an aunt is a closet wedding cake decorator. Are there any talented DJs or musicians in your extended family? If you are worried about coming up with enough to eat, your guests could supply food in lieu of wedding gifts.

2. Keep the numbers down

Most home receptions are limited in space and facilities so you will probably need to keep the guest list down to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for both you and your guests.

3. Host a barbecue

In the summer months, barbecues are simple to prepare and cook and popular with almost everyone; just be sure to include some vegetarian options.
Renting a party tent is a great home reception solution, especially if you can’t rely on the weather. You can also rent tables and chairs if you are short on seating options.

4. Put on a slide show

Slide shows, whether using the traditional or modern digital format, are a popular form of entertainment at home receptions.

5. Use budget decorations

As long as you stick to a chosen color theme, almost any kind of decoration can be made to tie in and enhance the overall effect. Hang paper lanterns from the ceiling and place tissue pom poms on tables. Silk flowers can be deceptively realistic yet cost a fraction of the price of real blooms. Display them around the home in simple glass vases for a chic, minimalist effect.

6. Lighting options

To light up the evening for dancing, you won’t need to bust the bank on expensive deck or garden lighting. Instead, get out your Christmas lights and buy some cheap tikki torches. If you do decide to get in extra lighting, consider renting a generator to cope with the electricity demand.

7. Think creatively

Whether you are on a budget or not, making a home reception work for you relies upon knowing what guests expect and how to tailor that to your home. For every challenge there is sure to be a solution if you look for it. For example, you could buy a cheap Styrofoam stand or a kitchen tea cart trolley for serving coffee, tea, desserts or other reception offerings. These carts are ideal because because they are portable.

We all live within a budget. Choosing to have a home reception would be the perfect solution to having a memorable wedding, without the cost! Go ahead, use these ideas and you will not be sorry!

About the author: Romona Weston and her family lives in the beautiful Amish countryside of Lancaster County, PA. She loves everything about weddings, and is often helping brides as their wedding planner. She is a mom to 7 beautiful children and a wife to a wonderful man. In her spare time, she loves to hike, write and organize. She owns a review blog on the best stainless steel top kitchen islands carts and wood kitchen cart. As a researcher rather than a seller, she presents an unbiased view of products.

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