Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Including The Groom In Wedding Planning

For much of history, the bride has been getting most of the attention and doing most of the work when it comes to wedding preparations. Now, with many Americans getting married later in life and gender roles becoming more flexible, more grooms are getting in on the action. If you're a couple that leaps over tall stereotypes in a single bound, the husband-to-be may already have started practicing his calligraphy and flower arrangements. For the rest of us, these are some suggestions for areas where the bride and groom can share in the wedding planning or the groom can take the lead.

Drafting a Budget: Planning your budget together is one of the most important steps to get your marriage off to a healthy start. You need to be able to talk about money openly and compromise successfully, especially if you tend to have different financial styles. Plus, debt can make it harder to begin your new life together so two heads are better than one for finding ways to economize. Make a line item budget and agree on spending limits. If the groom is financially savvy, he may want to look for the best deals on setting up a credit card and back account devoted exclusively to your wedding transactions.

Making a Guest List: Your guest list is one of the biggest factors in your budget. By taking a coordinated approach, you can help make sure you both feel like you're getting a voice in the matter and including the people you value most. Of course, you'll both be picking your attendants too and briefing them on the expectations.

Setting up Your Gift Registry: You both have a big stake in the gifts you receive so the groom needs to give his full input. Maybe you'll be more excited and knowledgeable about the kitchenware while he can weigh in on the electronics.

Negotiating Contracts: When you both find the venue you love, one of you can take the lead in negotiating the details of the contract. If your husband-to-be is more assertive than you, he may be able to knock the price down a bit. After he warms up, he can apply the same skills to the rest of the vendors you'll be working with.

Making Travel Arrangements: Some men seem to view travel as a competitive sport anyway when it comes to identifying what airline everyone is flying on and how long it takes them to drive from Atlanta to Tallahassee. A groom like that may be dying to take charge of the logistics for out of town guests.

Selecting the Entertainment: Other men shine on the creative side. Once you decide what kind of music you want, he can narrow down a list of finalists for you both to choose from.

Wedding preparations are more meaningful if both the bride and groom get fully involved. Be respectful of each other's opinions and work with your individual strengths whether you're adept at designing websites or fluent in composing toasts. Hopefully, you'll be working together as a team for many years to come, so use your wedding plans as an opportunity to practice collaborating.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Insane Marriage Proposal

This is a crazy marriage proposal. This guy really took the plunge. Brooke watches as her fiance falls off a building 4 stories down to one of the craziest marriage proposals ever!

A marriage proposal on a roof patio with a happy couple and their friends seems to turn into a tragic accident.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unique Ideas For The Ceremony

Unique Ideas to Make Your Wedding Special – Part I – The Ceremony

When planning your wedding the couple should decide if there are any unique ideas that they would like to incorporate in their wedding to make it special.

Are there any family traditions or special items that you would like to have incorporated in the ceremony? Some of these items may include:

Symbols of Remembrance

A remembrance for family members who could not attend the wedding (i.e. deceased parents or grandparents.) You may wish to include a candle or pictures of them in the location where there ceremony will be held. Another option may be for the bride to carry a locket with the pictures of those who are remembered on her bouquet.

Another great option is to include music that has sentimental meaning to the family. For example the “Ave Maria” may be a lovely choice for before the ceremony if your grandmother loves that song.

Symbols of Unity

Unity Candle Ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar candle (the unity candle) in the center. At the beginning of the ceremony a representative from both the bride and grooms family light the two taper candles. Later in the ceremony (usually after the vows and ring are exchanged) the bride and groom will use the two taper candles to light the large pillar candle to create on flame on the “unity candle”. Brides and grooms can have the Unity candle decorated with their wedding date, picture or another inscription.

Unity Sand Ceremony is an elegant alternative to the Unity Candle Ceremony, Using different color sands the bride and groom alternately take turns filling a Unity Vase. After the ceremony the bride and grooms can take the case can be taken to the couple’s home as a decoration and a lasting reminder of that special day.

Wine Ceremony another alternative to the Unity Candle Ceremony. After the exchanging of rings the celebrant pours wine into a goblet. The celebrant may then say “This “Cup of Life” is symbolic of the pledges you have made to one another to share together the fullness of life. As you drink from this cup, you acknowledge to one another that your lives, until this moment separate, have become one. Drink now, may the cup of your life be sweet and full to running over." The celebrant will then hand the glass of wine to the groom who will drink from it, then pass it to the bride who will drink and pass it back to the celebrant. The celebrant will then say “As you have shared this cup of wine, so may you share your lives. May all the sweetness that it holds for you be the sweeter because you taste it together. May you find life’s joys heightened, its bitterness sweetened, and all of life enriched by God’s blessings upon you.” Couples may also want to personalize what the celebrant says instead of using the verbiage listed above.

Arras ceremony (Coin Exchange) which is popular in Latin American weddings. During this ceremony the Godparents or sponsors of the couple will place pillows on the floor for the couple to kneel on, hand the couple a bible and coins in a treasure box. A cord, called el lazo, is placed around the couple to signify they are bound together for life. The groom gives the bride 13 coins Arras) as a symbol of sharing his prosperity with her.

Rose Ceremony is held toward the end of the ceremony. Bride and Groom exchange their first gift to each (a rose) other after being announced husband and wife. A nice touch is for the couple to present their mothers with the roses during the recessional out of the ceremony.

Other unique ideas

Face your friends and family for your ceremony instead of having your back to them.

Have close family or friends read the poems or readings at your ceremony.

Include your children in the wedding ceremony. Include them in an event such as the Unity Sand Ceremony, Rose Ceremony or exchange a piece of jewelry with them such as a necklace or ring.

For non church weddings have some fun!!! Give your wedding party score cards and let them score your first kiss (you could also use this at your reception with your kisses at the reception or your first dance)

Above all else make the wedding ceremony as much about you as a couple as possible. The music, the ceremonies and the people who take part in the ceremony should all be a reflection of you as a couple. Enjoy the process of selecting all these details, not only will you enjoy the day more. But, your guests will also appreciate sharing this special day with you too!

Submitted by Jamie Lynn Shurtleff,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Vendor Scam

Beware wedding vendors! This scam has been around for a long, long time. The scam artist usually contacts you by email, however, I've heard a couple stories where victims got contacted by phone. Here is the latest wedding planner scam e-mail that showed up in our inbox a few days ago.


My Name is Engr. Danny manslow,I am looking for an experienced wedding planner who will handle my wedding and arrange dinner for a group of people who will be attending the wedding ceremony. twelve guests will arrive few days before the wedding day.The wedding is to hold on the 7th September 2011 and 70 to 90 guests are expected to attend.

You are to arrange for Videography, Music Entertainment, Photography, Officiant/Priest & Church, cake, flowers and hall. If there is any of these items that you cannot handle, you let us know so that another company can handle it. As i do not know what the guests might choose for their meals and drinks,i will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking via my credit card once availability is confirmed by you. All checks and balances will be made with you on 20th September 2011 which is the final day of the booking, Get back to me with your response as we don't have much time left so that we can process our accommodation also within the region more convenient for you and us.

Best Regards,
Address:13 Croft Rd, Leicester LE4 1HA, United Kingdom

NOTE" REPLY TO *********

If you get an e-mail like this, you can report it at