Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Informal Wedding Ideas

Looking to stray away from the traditional wedding? Here are some fun ideas to make your wedding unique and comfortable.

How to Pull off a Jeans-Friendly Wedding

You and your fiancĂ© have a story completely unique to the two of you – how you met, how you fell in love, and how you got engaged. How you get married should also be unique and not every couple is a 5-foot train down the aisle of a cathedral type of couple. If you’re the kind of couple that would like to see your guests wearing jeans and flip flops rather than chinos and loafers, then follow these tips for making your entire wedding a pro-jeans zone.

Have your bridal party wear jeans

Rather than have your bridesmaids wear a dress that they will simply hide in the back of their closet after the wedding, put them in dark skinny jeans with a brightly colored empire-waist mini dress and a pair of black flats. Not only will it set the tone for the rest of the guests, but you as the bride will stand out even more against their fresh and modern look. And how cute will your ring bearer look wearing a pair of dark jeans and Converse?

Don’t have a reception – have a gigantic party

Have your reception at a venue where beach volleyball, croquet, and bocce ball are strongly encouraged and a part of the fun! On the invitation make sure your guests know that your reception will be a full contact sport and they should dress accordingly. No one will wear a suit and tie when they know that the cuisine includes BBQ ribs and that the bride and groom will be initiating a boys vs. girls softball game.

Put the dress code on the wedding invitation

We’ve all received the wedding invitations that say “black tie encouraged” or “black tie required”. Play off the wording and write “board shorts encouraged” or “black tie forbidden.” A few of your guests might get confused and call you asking if it’s a typo, but this will provide you with a chance to spread the dress code word of mouth.

Provide a dress up box for those that want to feel fancy

Photo booths that utilize dress up boxes are all the rage, but why reserve the feather boas, mustaches, and bow ties for the photo booth? Make sure each table has fake pearls, plastic top hats, and tacky cummerbunds so that when the naysayers (like your cousin Janice) scoff at the lack of class that your jean clad bridesmaids exhibit, you can conga line past them – while wearing a sparkly purple top hat. Now that’s classy.

Personalize your wedding

The most important thing to remember is to plan a wedding that encapsulates your personality as a couple. While having a ceremony that is simultaneously planned down to the detail and casual might seem like a contradiction in terms, you and your fiancĂ© get to write the story of your wedding. So be you! It’s your wedding…wear jeans if you want to.

About the author: Suzanne Townsend is a blogging Seattlile with a healthy obsession with denim. She loves helping her friends with wedding ideas that are unique to their couple personality.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome to our new wedding blog, ideas, news for the bride and groom. Stay tuned for weekly wedding planning tips.