Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Which Wedding Tiara or Headpiece Should You Choose?

Is a jeweled princess tiara right for you or some other headpiece? It depends on your personal taste, your bridal hairdo, your veil, and your gown. Choose the one that best complements your look and you will walk down the aisle in style.


A tiara is what most people envision when they think "headpiece." Traditionally, tiaras are worn in very formal weddings. The variety of styles available today, however, makes them an option with any hair style, dress or veil. Simple, low profile pieces work well with a veil. More elaborate princess or crown tiaras are stunning without a veil.


Bridal hats can add character to your wedding and dress. Sizes range from large, flower-adorned varieties to small, pillbox hats. Historically, birdcage veils were popular choices to wear with a wedding hat, but they also look stunning without a veil. Skullcaps are a different type of hat. They fit very close to the head and serve to secure the veil.

Headbands and V-Bands

The single headband is most common, but there are double and triple headbands as well. They can be decorated to match your shoes or bouquet, or can be subtler, depending on how much you want to showcase your wedding hair style. A headband works with all hair lengths, looks equally wonderful with an up do or flowing hair, and can serve as a veil attachment. If you want to draw attention to your face, consider a v-band, which is a type of headband worn across your forehead.

Rings and Wraps

There are several varieties of ring-shaped headpieces. Bun wraps are designed to wrap around a bun. Halos look nice sitting on top of short hair. Floral wreaths, which fit across the forehead, can complement an informal, outdoor wedding.


These versatile headpieces come in a variety of styles and sizes, and can complement any wedding or hair style. Wear them on the top, side, or back of your head to secure your hair or veil. Combs are often sewn to veils as an anchor.


Small combs and barrettes work well without a veil. These can be simple or flashy, and can be decorated with your choice of crystals, floral pieces, pearls, or rhinestones.

Other Hair Adornments

If you are a nontraditional, second, or older bride you may choose to go without a veil or headpiece. Besides barrettes and combs, there are a variety of other hair gems to choose from. Many stores sell bridal twists or pins made from pearls, beads, or crystals. You can even convert a necklace or other jewelry into hair jewelry. Most stylists are quite adept at weaving these into your hair style.

Whichever headpiece you are considering, ask the advice of your family and bridesmaids. They will help you choose the perfect headpiece - one that will look stunning on YOU!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank You Card Etiquette

Top 5 Rules to Remember with Thank You Card Etiquette

Whether you have received gifts at a party you hosted or during a hospital stay, it is very important to send a thank you card. Thank You cards are a great way to show your appreciation for a gift of any kind. They can also be sent to those who have helped you during a particular event or those who have sent sympathy letters. It is important to understand Thank You card etiquette before you begin sending your messages. Here are the top 5 rules to remember when writing Thank You cards:

1. To Send or Not to Send

Some instances or events require Thank You cards, others do not. It is important to know which are which when thinking of sending a card. If you have recently hosted a bridal or baby shower, you should always send a Thank You to those who brought a present. You should also send a card if you have had a graduation party or been a guest at someone’s home. It is not required to send a card if you were the guest at a dinner party, but it is still often considered a nice gesture. Always remember: even if a Thank You is not required, it is still a wonderful way of showing your appreciation!

2. Send Thank You cards ASAP

One of the most important aspects of Thank You card etiquette is sending your note in a timely manner. The faster you send your card, the more appreciated the recipient will feel. You should be strict with yourself and set a time within a week of receiving a gift to sit down and write your cards. It is easy to put off but will make you feel much better knowing your Thank Yous are in the mail.

3. Specify the Gift in Your Card

When writing a Thank You card, you should always show gratitude for the specific gift that the person has given you. For example, “Thank you so much for the beautiful set of silverware” or “Thank you for your gift of new baby clothes.” This is an extra way of showing the gift-giver that you especially enjoyed the present they gave. If the gift is money, "Thank you for your generous gift" would be appropriate.

4. Pick the Appropriate Stationary

Another important rule to remember when sending Thank You cards is to always pick the correct stationary. For most cards, informal stationary is fine. For weddings, the recipient of gifts should choose fancier cards.

5. Addressing the Card Correctly

When addressing cards, you want to make sure to only include the name of the person who signed the card. If it was only one person, do not include anyone else in the address. If an entire family signed the card, always include each member in your card. Salutation should also be considered. If you are very close with the person, it is okay to use his or her first name. Otherwise, address individuals with Mr., Mrs. or Miss.

Sending personalized photo Thank You cards is a great keepsake for guests to remember your special day. You can have these cards printed ahead of time, usually using a photo from the big event. Another way to personalize your Thank Yous is to have Photo Stamps made. Photo Stamps are real US postage that have your picture on them! Always keep Thank Yous personal from you to your guest. It’s a simple way of letting them know you appreciate them!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Reception Table Design Ideas

Some wedding table decorations introduce major changes in the appearance of each table at the wedding reception. A trend in California serves as an example of such decorations. California brides who care to follow that trend must talk with a wedding planner about their desire to have large gold bows on the sides of each reception table.

Those bows are created using gold fabric. The gold fabric contrasts with the white table cloth. The gold bows add a decided air of elegance to the reception tables. The simple fabric bows cover the hanging portion of each tablecloth. They beckon the guests to beautifully-draped tables. Not all wedding table decorations require the use of such large items.

Most wedding table decorations involve the use of small but important additions to the layout on each of the reception tables. Some wedding table decorations use the table lighting to create a more romantic atmosphere. Both large and small table decorations can evoke such an atmosphere.

Some future brides decide to have small, boat-shaped crystal candle holders on each reception table. The lighted candles must then burn throughout the reception. Those lighted candles receive the protection offered by tiny, frosted “sails.”

A future bride must plan to have place cards on her reception table. The cards tell the guests where to sit. Attractive place card holders can add to the attractive layout on each reception table.

What sorts of card holders should the future bride expect to find amid the various types of wedding table decorations? She should expect to find silver bells, small wedding cakes and tiny champagne buckets. She might also find an online merchant with small bud vases, vases equipped to hold a standard place card.

The bride who satisfies all the needs of her guests can increase the number of wedding decorations on each reception table. The guests need napkins. The napkin holders can add to the attractiveness of the reception tables. Some brides like to use napkin holders that look like large diamond rings. Other brides prefer to have napkin rings adorned with flowers or silver hearts.

Sometimes a bride wants to add a touch of color to each reception table. She might have faux rose buds or confetti scattered on the tables. She might also decide to decorate the table chairs. Well-draped and properly tied lace, used to hold a single rose, can add a lovely spot of color to each chair back.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas - Fill Your Space With Flowers

Flowers fill the spaces of most wedding centerpieces. Yet a future bride can be very creative about how she creates those spaces. Wedding centerpieces come in a diverse array of shapes and sizes.

If a future bride hopes to have a very tall centerpiece at her main reception table, she does not need to end her search with the selection of a simple flower stand. A candelabra- shaped stand can elicit many comments from the wedding guests. Some wedding centerpieces turn like a carousel, showing their varied candles and flowers to guests in all four corners of the reception room.

Arches, cake stands and columns can all be incorporated into a wedding centerpiece. Flowers then get stuffed into the many different spaces on those table-mounted structures. A future bride might even want to have a large wire heart on her main reception table. Flowers could decorate the heart in the manner of her choosing.

Some future brides decide to have floating candles in their wedding centerpieces. Here again, the centerpiece can be of any height. It might be a tall centerpiece, one designed to hold a glass bowl at the top. The candles float in the glass bowl, ready for a special touch.

Smaller bowls can be placed on any table where guests will be sitting. The bride can personalize her floating candles by adding to the centerpiece cuttings from her favorite flower. She can also create very unique candles, such as cut citrus fruit that can hold a wick, or butterfly-shaped wax candles.

A future bride might want to reduce the cost of the wedding by combining her wedding favors with her wedding centerpieces. The centerpieces hold a number of wands, wands filled with chocolate and other candies. Each guest at the table leaves with one wand.

If a future bride finds that she needs to cut her costs even further, she might examine the ideas for attractive but inexpensive wedding centerpieces. She might want to purchase some appealing plastic bowls and fill them with candies. She might decide to visit a nearby hobby store and order some silk flower arrangements.

Potted plants can often be incorporated into an inexpensive wedding centerpiece. Balloons too can add color and fun to the reception room. Those wonderful additions do not require a big expenditure on the part of the bride’s family.

Submitted by Jen Carter,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rethink Your Wedding Party Gifts

Your wedding is the most personally intimate yet publicly shared event of your life. You need only to close your eyes to imagine what that day will be. And after it is over you’ll need only to close your eyes to remember what it was.

But as solid as that day may be in your mind and memory, will it be remembered as clearly by your family and friends? By the people who matter to you most? Will they remember how important they are to you, and especially how much they meant to you on that very special day?

Let’s face it… you’re entering into a new life. One that will not include them as closely as it did in the past. Help them remember not only that day but the friendship that you’ve shared with them up to and including your wedding day by giving them a more personalized gift.

Select Something That Will Be Appreciated

Traditionally a bride will give her bridesmaids something to wear during the wedding. If you go this route, make sure that whatever you give will be something THEY will enjoy, not something that is self-serving such as a purple tie or a replica of the Hope Diamond to wear in the wedding. These are things that will just be stuck away in a drawer or in back of the closet, or worse, thrown away. Consider instead giving a classic item such as a gold chain, diamond earrings or any item that can be treasured every time it is worn and not just tucked away somewhere and forgotten.

Pick Something That Has Personal Meaning

The best gifts for your wedding party will be something that reminds them of the times you’ve shared. The gift does not have to be expensive. For example, if you spent time together over coffee, you can give your bridesmaids a gift basket with a personalized mug. Get a custom mug made with a photo of the two of you, so every time she has coffee, she’ll be having it with you! Include a single share of Starbucks from for a gift that keeps on giving.

Personalize Your Gift with Your Own Message

By selecting an item that can be embroidered, embossed or mounted with a plaque, you are able to add a personal message that will make your gift more memorable and long lasting. If the beach was your thing, get a monogrammed beach tote stuffed with beach towels, flip-flops and more.

Expense CAN be Spared When The Gift Has Meaning

One of the biggest benefits of selecting a more personal gift is, it does not necessarily have to be expensive! Select a piece of memorabilia from your friendship and place it in a shadowbox frame with a personalized plaque. You can purchase a small shadowbox and plaque for as little as $40.00 at a craft store or online at

Personal, Meaningful, Inexpensive, and Appreciated

A unique gift that fulfills all these requirements and is especially appropriate for groomsmen gifts is a single share of stock. First, you can select stock in a company which has meaning. For example, if golfing is a sport which your best man loves, you can give him a single share of Callaway Golf. You can purchase it framed with a personalized plaque or in a certificate cover with your message embossed. Other ideas for your groomsmen gifts are shares of Playboy, Heineken or even Harley-Davidson.

Bridesmaids may enjoy a share of Ann Taylor, Chico's, Coach, Avon, Tiffany & Company or Martha Stewart. With over 150 stocks to choose from, you are sure to find something that has personal meaning.

The perfect thank-you gift your flower-girl is a single share of 1-800-FLOWERS. Whether or not the stock appreciates, the value of your gift is never-ending. Imagine the smile on her face year after year when she receive a dividend check in the mail. She'll be reminded of you and your wedding day.

Your Day Will Be Remembered By All Who Share it With You

This is a chance to give them something that will help them remember…not only the day that they stood up for you and shared in the happiest day of your life, but also the memories you shared during your friendship together.

So make it personal. Give them a gift that will jog their memories and keep you in their hearts and on their minds for years to come.

Submitted by Skye Robinson,