Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rethink Your Wedding Party Gifts

Your wedding is the most personally intimate yet publicly shared event of your life. You need only to close your eyes to imagine what that day will be. And after it is over you’ll need only to close your eyes to remember what it was.

But as solid as that day may be in your mind and memory, will it be remembered as clearly by your family and friends? By the people who matter to you most? Will they remember how important they are to you, and especially how much they meant to you on that very special day?

Let’s face it… you’re entering into a new life. One that will not include them as closely as it did in the past. Help them remember not only that day but the friendship that you’ve shared with them up to and including your wedding day by giving them a more personalized gift.

Select Something That Will Be Appreciated

Traditionally a bride will give her bridesmaids something to wear during the wedding. If you go this route, make sure that whatever you give will be something THEY will enjoy, not something that is self-serving such as a purple tie or a replica of the Hope Diamond to wear in the wedding. These are things that will just be stuck away in a drawer or in back of the closet, or worse, thrown away. Consider instead giving a classic item such as a gold chain, diamond earrings or any item that can be treasured every time it is worn and not just tucked away somewhere and forgotten.

Pick Something That Has Personal Meaning

The best gifts for your wedding party will be something that reminds them of the times you’ve shared. The gift does not have to be expensive. For example, if you spent time together over coffee, you can give your bridesmaids a gift basket with a personalized mug. Get a custom mug made with a photo of the two of you, so every time she has coffee, she’ll be having it with you! Include a single share of Starbucks from for a gift that keeps on giving.

Personalize Your Gift with Your Own Message

By selecting an item that can be embroidered, embossed or mounted with a plaque, you are able to add a personal message that will make your gift more memorable and long lasting. If the beach was your thing, get a monogrammed beach tote stuffed with beach towels, flip-flops and more.

Expense CAN be Spared When The Gift Has Meaning

One of the biggest benefits of selecting a more personal gift is, it does not necessarily have to be expensive! Select a piece of memorabilia from your friendship and place it in a shadowbox frame with a personalized plaque. You can purchase a small shadowbox and plaque for as little as $40.00 at a craft store or online at

Personal, Meaningful, Inexpensive, and Appreciated

A unique gift that fulfills all these requirements and is especially appropriate for groomsmen gifts is a single share of stock. First, you can select stock in a company which has meaning. For example, if golfing is a sport which your best man loves, you can give him a single share of Callaway Golf. You can purchase it framed with a personalized plaque or in a certificate cover with your message embossed. Other ideas for your groomsmen gifts are shares of Playboy, Heineken or even Harley-Davidson.

Bridesmaids may enjoy a share of Ann Taylor, Chico's, Coach, Avon, Tiffany & Company or Martha Stewart. With over 150 stocks to choose from, you are sure to find something that has personal meaning.

The perfect thank-you gift your flower-girl is a single share of 1-800-FLOWERS. Whether or not the stock appreciates, the value of your gift is never-ending. Imagine the smile on her face year after year when she receive a dividend check in the mail. She'll be reminded of you and your wedding day.

Your Day Will Be Remembered By All Who Share it With You

This is a chance to give them something that will help them remember…not only the day that they stood up for you and shared in the happiest day of your life, but also the memories you shared during your friendship together.

So make it personal. Give them a gift that will jog their memories and keep you in their hearts and on their minds for years to come.

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