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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas - Fill Your Space With Flowers

Flowers fill the spaces of most wedding centerpieces. Yet a future bride can be very creative about how she creates those spaces. Wedding centerpieces come in a diverse array of shapes and sizes.

If a future bride hopes to have a very tall centerpiece at her main reception table, she does not need to end her search with the selection of a simple flower stand. A candelabra- shaped stand can elicit many comments from the wedding guests. Some wedding centerpieces turn like a carousel, showing their varied candles and flowers to guests in all four corners of the reception room.

Arches, cake stands and columns can all be incorporated into a wedding centerpiece. Flowers then get stuffed into the many different spaces on those table-mounted structures. A future bride might even want to have a large wire heart on her main reception table. Flowers could decorate the heart in the manner of her choosing.

Some future brides decide to have floating candles in their wedding centerpieces. Here again, the centerpiece can be of any height. It might be a tall centerpiece, one designed to hold a glass bowl at the top. The candles float in the glass bowl, ready for a special touch.

Smaller bowls can be placed on any table where guests will be sitting. The bride can personalize her floating candles by adding to the centerpiece cuttings from her favorite flower. She can also create very unique candles, such as cut citrus fruit that can hold a wick, or butterfly-shaped wax candles.

A future bride might want to reduce the cost of the wedding by combining her wedding favors with her wedding centerpieces. The centerpieces hold a number of wands, wands filled with chocolate and other candies. Each guest at the table leaves with one wand.

If a future bride finds that she needs to cut her costs even further, she might examine the ideas for attractive but inexpensive wedding centerpieces. She might want to purchase some appealing plastic bowls and fill them with candies. She might decide to visit a nearby hobby store and order some silk flower arrangements.

Potted plants can often be incorporated into an inexpensive wedding centerpiece. Balloons too can add color and fun to the reception room. Those wonderful additions do not require a big expenditure on the part of the bride’s family.

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