Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas 2013

If you buy the same generic gift for all your ladies and call it a day, your hunt for the perfect present really isn’t that challenging. However, if you want a unique present for each bridesmaid that expresses your gratitude for all her help and support, you have a bit of a challenge ahead of you.

Finding a gift that expresses your gratitude will depend on the personality type of each bridesmaid. We have gift ideas for nearly every personality type out there. Check here for gift ideas that will fit every lady in your wedding party.

The Future Starlet

Tickets for an off-Broadway production at a local theater.
A subscription to a magazine with all the latest Hollywood drama.
A gift certificate to the movie theater.
A gift basket will all the fixins for the perfect night at home – a DVD of the latest Hollywood sensation, popcorn, plenty of sweet treats, and fuzzy slippers.

The Always-On-The-Go Girl

Gift certificate for a zumba class at the local gym.
Photography lessons.
Sailing lessons.
Registration in a glamping expedition.

The Next Top Chef

Custom apron.
Gift certificate for a tour of a local winery.
Table linens.
Non-perishable gourmet grocery items.
Cooking classes with a chef.

The Crafts Queen

Handmade jewelry.
Personalized, handmade stationary.
A quilt.
Homemade beauty products like facemasks, soap, hair tonics or lotion.
Yarn and knitting needles.

The Tomboy

Custom poker set.
Tickets to watch her favorite sports team.
Workout essentials – yoga mat, water bottle, running shoes, rollerblades.

The Anywhere-But-Here Girl

Personalized luggage tags.
A gift basket with a plug adaptor, travel alarm clock, ear plugs, and sleep mask.
A small fleece blanket, perfect for curling up on a chilly airplane.
A cosmetic bag with travel size bottles for beauty essentials.

The Green Girl

A compost pail.
Fair trade coffee.
Bike tire air pump.
Bulbs or seedlings for flowers or herbs.
A gift basket with homemade goodies – breads, jams, etc.

The Outdoor Lover

A gift basket with a beach towel, sunscreen, beach ball, and sandals.
A kite.
A picnic basket with reusable plates, cups and silverware.
A custom cornhole set.

The Family Girl

A subscription to a parenting magazine.
Gift certificate to the zoo.
Family-friendly board games.
Gift certificate to a museum.
Snowman building kit.

The Beauty Queen

Silk pajamas.
Designer clutch.
Manicure essentials – nail polish, emery boards, luxurious hand cream.
A weekend travel package to a spa.

The Gadget Girl

Gift certificate to the app or iTunes store.
High tech headphones.
Blu ray player.
Car adapter for mp3 player/iPod/iPad.
Cordless mouse or keyboard.

About the author: Guest author Jessica Zepeda is a newlywed who is happy the drama of wedding planning is over! Now, she likes to share all her wonderful tips with those brides who are still wading through the process. She has even started a blog of best bachelorette party games and bachelorette party tips.

Surely, you will be able to find the perfect gift for each of your bridesmaids. Every lady has a different personality and each one deserves a gift that she’ll appreciate!

Do you have any great gift ideas we left off the list? Let us know!

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