Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Wedding Favors 2012

Many brides and grooms want to thank all their wedding guests for attending their special day. One way that they do this is by sending home their guests with wedding favors. Unfortunately, many wedding favors fly under the radar and sometimes guests forget to take them home with them. If you are planning to have wedding favors at your wedding, be sure to impress your guests with a favor that will not be soon forgotten. Here are a few DIY wedding favor ideas that will be sure to please you and the rest of your wedding guests as well...

Pre-Packaged S'mores

In clear plastic containers, have separate boxes for the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate pieces. Package each up individually and have one nest on top of one another. Wrap with a decorative ribbon, for a wedding favor that guests will be sure to enjoy!

Flowers, Plants, or Sunflowers

Send guests home with a token that can be enjoyed for years to come. Pre-packaged sunflower seeds or even bulbs placed in special packaging would be an ideal favor, as guests can take these gifts home and have them grow with love. You could have blooms that are already established, planted in decorative containers with a special note from you to your guests decoratively attached to the container.

Customized Stationary

Leave a lovely stack and beautifully wrapped set of monogrammed stationary at each guests' place setting. Personalize each notecard with your new initials and be sure to include envelopes as well. Guests will be sure to use this thoughtful and personalized gift!

Scented Candles

This favor idea is ideal for those having a beach wedding, but would also be perfect for those couples that enjoy candles as well. Place a scented votive candle into a mini pail. Attach a lovely personalized label on the outside of the pail. Have your name and wedding date prominently displayed on the label. You can even customize the color candle to what color dresses the bridesmaids wear. Or you could even choose a scent that you both enjoy to share with your guests.

Jar Gifts

This idea of giving your wedding guests jar gifts has many possibilities! You can simply jar just about anything. Package cookie mix in a clear Mason jar, make a candle within the jar, insert cupcake mix, granola, homemade jam or even hand salve. Personalize the jar with decorative ribbons, color coordinate the jars with your wedding colors, and event attach a personalized recipe if what you packaged needs directions.

As you can see, there are many wedding favors that aren't quite traditional, but do make a big impression with guests and leave a lasting impression with them as well.

About the author: Amanda Cooper is a freelance writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom, which carries an array of wedding accessories, wedding favors and even Christmas Favors. Amanda is a contributing writer for other wedding, travel and home-related websites. When Amanda is not writing, she enjoys reading.


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