Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To Add Music To Your Wedding Ceremony

The importance of your wedding ceremony music should never be underestimated and it is worth spending some time choosing the right songs and music to fit.

Music is a key part of creating an atmosphere and also to fill in those moments when there is a lull in proceedings. Whether you go for pre-recorded or live music it is a great way to personalize your ceremony and set everyone up for the celebrations to come.

With a religious ceremony it is often traditional to have live music, perhaps from an organist, choir or string quartet. You may find you are restricted more on choice with a religious ceremony than you would be with a civil one so you should always run your ideas past your officiant first. With a civil ceremony they must not be any religious references or themes so do check the lyrics on any songs before you add them to the list.

At a civil ceremony it is usual to have a CD player or set up your MP3 player. A civil ceremony is typically quite short so live music may not really be a cost effective choice unless you book them to play at the reception too. Do consider the size of your venue as well, a small venue may not be able to accommodate several musicians as well as all your guests, whilst a large venue and a CD player combination may leave guests at the back struggling to hear! Ask to check out the acoustics when you visit and talk with the officiant about your options.

Finding your perfect music….

There are many CD’s and downloads out there which have compiled the traditional and popular choices for wedding ceremony music and some couples may find their officiant will present them a list of ‘approved’ music and songs to choose from. However, you do not have to go down the traditional route or keep everything classical – think about how your song choices will personalize your ceremony.

You will need to pick music for when you walk up the aisle (processional), when you go to sign the register (interlude) and when you walk back down the aisle as man and wife (recessional). There maybe time constraints to consider however, particularly with a civil ceremony in a register office so do ask how long each piece of music should be.

On a final point you may have favourite tracks or music that you think will fit perfectly in your ceremony, however many have come unstuck with unsuitable lyrics suddenly becoming immediately obvious the moment a track is played on the day! Always check out the lyrics and any alternate meanings before making your final choices – just in case!

About the author: Georgina Clatworthy is a featured columnist for 1Wedding Source and wedding guru helping brides-to-be with their wedding planning. Although she is not associated with Los Willows, she can recommend them as being a stunning San Diego wedding venue.

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