Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When Should You Order Your Wedding Gown?

The big question bridal shops are always asked is “When should I order my wedding gown?” As many of you know, most top designer gowns are special ordered. What some don’t know is that it takes 14-20 weeks to receive them.

Why, you ask. Good question. Because it is made to order, stitch by stitch, bead by pearl. And some of the hottest designers have over 200 designs of gowns in their line, offered in multiple colors up to 15 standard sizes. So doing some elementary math, to have only one piece of all gowns in all sizes if it was available in 5 colors, that means 15,000 gowns, 10 colors, 30,000 gowns.

Some of our designers offer up to 30 colors which is 90,000 gowns. Storage means money means higher priced gowns. Or less selection. Or less quality materials used. Or gowns hanging around getting old. If thats what you want, go to a big bridal chain store.

Now say on the very odd chance there is something about the gown that does not pass our strict quality control and we want to send it back. Add another 14-20 weeks. And then we start the wedding gown alteration process about 12 weeks before the wedding. So I take out my elementary math calculator again, 52 weeks.

Wow, one year before the wedding. So now that you have your wedding gown chosen, you can coordinate your bridesmaids gowns that have a slightly less order time. And you need to order those before your mothers can start thinking about colors. And flowers, linens, invitations, cakes, favors, tuxes… I see the anxiety meter go into the red zone. But take a deep breath. Its all a process. And allowing yourself plenty of time for this specialized process reduces stress, reduces problems, and reduces possible rush cut fees. Can we do it in less time? Sure, many times. But it goes so much smoother and easier if you allow yourself plenty of time for your wedding planning. And it will give you more time to figure out who is going to keep Uncle Pete away from the bar.

Keep it fun, Joyce ... Precious Memories Bridal, Malden, MA.

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